Not have enough hours in my day!!#needtimetoblog

So this long awaited moment for my blog to be up and writing…And now a week later my time is so limited and I’ve only written one blog 😭. Between work and my lately asshole boss… (That’s another blog) lol and my kids and family I barely have time to release my words into cyberspace.

I have so many interesting stories to tell, all bottled inside me like a bottle of Verve Cliquot on the verge of popping it’s cork. Sigh…. Maybe this week I get time to share with you this crazy shit inside my head. I will say last week was tough, and if it were not for a friend…well.

Any hoot I’m still here and I WILL make time to blog this week! See already on the right track…1st blog of the week, P.S. being written at 5:30am!! 🤣🤣